The Company Castella (founded in 1882) of Claudia Castella, is a small winery of 3 hectares on the hills of Diano d’Alba, where for tradition and since 4 generations we cultivate our own vineyards.

My father Simone, that he was orphaned in the years ‘50 (at only 15 years old), had to take responsibility for his farmer. For tradition he continued the cultivation of vines selling grapes and in part he started to make the Dolcetto di Diano d’Alba and than the Nebbiolo d’Alba.
With a big passion for the wine he have always produce quality and not quantity, remaining true to tradition, with authenticity and naturalness.

With the passing years, he kept this system, and leaving aside the modern vinification. With the onset of the first farmhouses, in the 1989, my father thought to integrate it in the business. The farmhouse continued with the refreshment for about 10 years and today it offers bed and breakfast only. Afterwards this activity fascinated me and so in the 2000 there was the generational change, that with happiness and enthusiasm I was honored to manage, accepting the new responsabilities of managerial but reserving at the experience of my father the activities in the vineyards and to make wines.

On the 02 September 2006, I organised an event for a long professional activity of my father. We partied the presentation of a new wine dedicate to him, the “Contadin” (pronunced in the Piemontese dialect Cuntadin) with some customers and friends.

Our project was to produce “the wine of the farmer” of the years ’50, when didn’t exist the D.O.C. but, not for this, the wines weren’t of good quality, this is for to remind the tradition of producing a great wine for great occasions. And that wine was the result not only of his vineyards well exposed and of his experience, but also of his corporate philosophy that has always been part of the soul and the heart of Simone Castella.

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His life’s style is to have the pride to doing an interesting job, honest, in the respect of the tradition, with passion, love for the land, for the vineyard and for the wine.

In the 2009 I met Beppe Accomo, today an active part of my reality. We are two people with the same values, we speak the same language and we always live for those are our origins. So in the 2013 the idea to unite and unify the two companies, Castella and Bricco Maiolica, with philosophy, tradition and experience, we will taking this new way together, new labels, the continuity of the farmhouse “Casa Castella” and a new construction the “Dimora” Casa Castella, with rooms suitable for a more demanding costumers  so we decided to have a structure exclusively designed for couples, singles and friends excluding the under 16.

Someone would call us “sons of art”, but for us “langhetti”, is the more usual term “sons of farmers”, because only we know the stories and then the hard life that we have scratched, as it is an art work in the vineyard and produce wine.

Claudia and Beppe