Since 1928 four generations have concurred with their work and passion to the growth of my winery.

My great grandfather Bernardo, known as “Cumot”, was a share-cropper who with hard work and effort realized his dream: working on his own.

He bought a farmhouse (named Rolando) with about 5 hectares of land, on a steep hill called “Maiolica” from the particular quality of the soil and so today called Bricco Maiolica. Our farm, which maintains its ancient name Bricco Maiolica, is still on that same hill in Diano d’Alba.

Bernardo Accomo’s vineyards were almost all of Dolcetto grapes. He planted Barbera grapes on a contiguous plot of land he managed to buy in 1930 with money his wife Luigia – my great grandmother – that had inherited. Since hare was born the name “Vigna Vigia”.

Bernardo’s son – my grandfather Giuseppe – had a passion for tannic wines und he began in 1950 to cultivate Nebbiolo grapes.
In the 1970 with the purchase of land adjacent “Cascina Valdavi,” my father Angelo expanded the boundaries of the property and began the cultivation of white grapes.

And here we are in the 1985, the crackdown, the turning point, Beppe Accomo, born 1963. I am grow up with the passion for the land and the vineyard, I follow, I take part and I supervise at the various agricultural operations. I decide not to simply sell the grapes or the bulk wine, so I start the controlled vinification and bottling.

Our farm counts 24 hectares of excellent vineyards. We cultivate lowyielding vine varieties to obtain healthy and well ripened grapes, and we pay great attention to the environment, we use neither chemical fungicides nor mildew killers. The objective is, respecting the tradition, of transferring , as much as possible, my deep roots, my vocation, my character and my personality from the vineyard to the glass.

In the 2009 I met Claudia Castella, today an active part of my reality. We are two people with the same values, that we speak the same language and that we always live for those are our origins.

So in the 2013 the idea to unite and unify the two companies, Bricco Maiolica and Castella, with philosophy, tradition and experience, we will taking this new way together, new labels and the continuity of the farmhouse “Casa Castella.”

Someone would call us “sons of art”, but for us “langhetti”, is the more usual term “sons of farmers”, because only we know the stories and then the hard life that we have scratched, as it is an art work in the vineyard and produce wine.

Beppe and Claudia